Surgical Services

Our highly skilled veterinary team is experienced in the most common surgical procedures. We perform spays and neuters, declaws, tumor removal and biopsy, abdominal surgeries, removal of gastrointestinal foreign bodies and some orthopedic procedures, all under the safest possible anesthetic and with the utmost attention to patient monitoring.

The doctors at Eastham Veterinary Hospital utilize their knowledge and experience to improve the lives of pets and their families daily through surgery.  We achieve the gold standard of care by performing thorough physical exams, blood work, and advanced monitoring during surgical procedures to make the general anesthesia as safe as possible.  Our goal is to provide an environment and experience that is as low stress for your pet (and you!) as possible.  We always strive to ensure that your pet remains as comfortable and pain free as possible before, during, and after surgery.  Surgery is done on site at our facility by our staff doctors who perform general practice surgeries. Surgical services include but are not limited to:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Wound repairs
  • Soft tissue surgery (mass removals from all parts of the body)
  • Eye surgery (third eyelid protrusion, mass removals, etc.)
  • Dental cleaning and extractions
  • Orthopedic surgery (medial patella luxation repair, cruciate repair, joint surgery)
  • Airway/respiratory surgery (brachycephalic surgery)
  • Advanced abdominal surgery (splenectomy, bladder surgery, mass removals)
  • Oncologic surgery
  • Advanced soft tissue surgery

If your pet is in need of surgery, please feel free to come in for a consultation to decide the best option for your family.